Salted fish

FIlety śledziowe a'la matias_DSC4793

Herring fillets a ’la matjes

Traditional recipe for modern times
These classical, salty herrings are intended for further preparation at home. Consumed with joy and enthusiasm during Christmas and Easter time spent with your loved ones

Rarytas toruński, śledź a'la łosoś_DSC4858

Toruń delicacy – herring fillets a’la salmon

This marvelous, salty herring and its awesome colour will enchant your guests.

Matias z cebulka w oleju_DSC4875

Matjes herring in oil with onion

Traditional recipe for modern times.
Salty matjes herring classically served with onion – it’s a perfect dinner or party idea.

Śledź solony z ikrą lub mleczem_DSC4807

Salted herring with milt or roe

A big, salted herring immersed in brine is appreciated by chefs and cooks all over the world! Tastes great with fresh herbs and incisive spices.

The Herring Co. has been operating since 1992. Located in Wielka Nieszawka, Central Poland, 10 km from Toruń, it specialises in fish processing and trade.

The raw materials used for production are chiefly herring fillets and flaps imported from Norway. Some smaller amounts are shipped from Iceland and the Netherlands. As a company, we highly prioritize constant development, investments in modern production and fish processing systems. It’s our absolute pleasure to recommend our products inspired by traditional recipes. Bon appétit!