Bismarck w zalewie estragonowej_DSC2931

Bismarck in tarragon brine

In the 19th century in Stralsund, Germany, John Wiechmann had a store in which he served pickled herrings as a beer snack. He admired Otto von Bismarck and decided to send him a barrel of herrings on his birthday. Otto wrote John a letter expressing sincere adoration for the product and allowed John to name his herrings after him.

Tusza śledziowa_Moskaliki_DSC2909

Herring carcass MOSKALIKI

“Good fish deserves good beer.”
Rich in proteins, vitamins and healthy oils, pickled herring carcass is a primary nutritional product in the Baltic countries. Thanks to its Viking roots, herring carcasses make up a great snack with beer or stronger drinks.

Śledź po wiejsku_DSC2892

Rural herring fillets

Traditional, rural herring fillets with oil and potatoes is a delicious, Polish dish. Thanks to its healthy, nutritional qualities, fish was most frequently consumed during fasting. In the medieval times people ate fish and cereal products once a week to boost their health. Even now fish is highly recommended by dieticians worldwide.

Rolmopsy w zalweie estragonowej_DSC2919

Rollmop in tarragon brine

The symbol of German culture just like BMW or Waizenbier. Highly valued for strong, vinegary taste – everyone should try it! In addition, owing to high-dose vitamin C, rollmops can reduce hangover symptoms.

FIlety śledziowe marynowane po Kartusku_DSC2939

Kashubian style marinated herring fillets

Kashubian taste full of savory flavor.
Herring rolls stuffed with fried onion immersed in colored oil serves as a great recommendation for dinner. Lovage intensifies the taste.

The Herring Co. has been operating since 1992. Located in Wielka Nieszawka, Central Poland, 10 km from Toruń, it specialises in fish processing and trade.

The raw materials used for production are chiefly herring fillets and flaps imported from Norway. Some smaller amounts are shipped from Iceland and the Netherlands. As a company, we highly prioritize constant development, investments in modern production and fish processing systems. It’s our absolute pleasure to recommend our products inspired by traditional recipes. Bon appétit!