Herring benefits

Omega-3 acid, present in herrings, speeds up metabolism and burning fats. It also stands for better assimilability of other vitamins.

Vitamin B12, present in herrings, acts as an antidepressant; it brings comfort and increases serotonin’s level.

FIlety sledziowe ala matias_DSC4793
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Herring is the healthiest fish, which takes care of our appearance! It contains vitamins A, D and E, which stand for better skin condition and allow us to keep it young longer.

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Vitamin B12 contributes to the healthy cardiovascular and nervous system. It nourishes our brain, strengthens our heart, improves our memory and concentration.

Herring tastes amazing! It has delighted our taste buds for years. Herring was a delicacy eaten by lords of this world. Frequently consumed during Polish festivals and holidays.

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Herring is a great snack at parties! Its silvery colour can refine any feast.

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Sandwiches with matjes herring are a modern delicacy served all over the world.

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Herrings are an infinite source of inspiration. They can be served traditionally – as a salty snack, but also as a sour or sweet dish served with fruits. They softly melt in the mouth, but they can also be a spicy snack!

The Herring Co. has been operating since 1992. Located in Wielka Nieszawka, Central Poland, 10 km from Toruń, it specialises in fish processing and trade.

The raw materials used for production are chiefly herring fillets and flaps imported from Norway. Some smaller amounts are shipped from Iceland and the Netherlands. As a company, we highly prioritize constant development, investments in modern production and fish processing systems. It’s our absolute pleasure to recommend our products inspired by traditional recipes. Bon appétit!