Folksy tastes

Matias w oleju z cebulką_DSC4887

Matjes herring with onion and pepper

1 kg or 0,5 kg
An elegant composition of pepper, salted herring fillets and sweet carrots. It’s a very tasty dish for any occasion.

Matias z suszonymi pomidorami_DSC4922

Matjes herring with dried tomatoes

1 kg or 0,5 kg
Amazing dried Italian tomatoes with sweet and salty taste of the Mediterranean Sea and nettle perfectly combines with the traditional flavour of herring. It makes a great snack with a warm, flavory baguette and garlic butter or as a side dish at dinner.

Matias z żurawiną_DSC4928

Matjes herring with cranberries

1 kg or 0,5 kg
Salted herring fillets with onion as well as sweet and sour cranberries will delight you with its perfect flavor composition. This beautifully served dish will enrapture everyone during festival feasts and dinners.

Matias korzenny_DSC4897

Spiced matjes Herring

1 kg or 0,5 kg
Spiced herring fillets with a hint of cinnamon and oriental seasoning will move you to distant regions of our globe. Eastern inspiration is perfect for everyone bored with the traditional flavor of salted fish.

Matias a'la łosoś_DSC4915

Matjes herring a’la salmon

1 kg or 0,5 kg
Uniquely coloured, very salty herring fillets can come as a nice surprise during family parties or events. Salty taste goes very well with stronger drinks.

Śledź po wiejsku_DSC4891

Rural herring fillets

1 kg or 0,5 kg
Mouth-watering, delicate, pickled herring served traditionally in oil with onion – perfect with boiled, flavory potatoes and dill leaves. Very delicious!

The Herring Co. has been operating since 1992. Located in Wielka Nieszawka, Central Poland, 10 km from Toruń, it specialises in fish processing and trade.

The raw materials used for production are chiefly herring fillets and flaps imported from Norway. Some smaller amounts are shipped from Iceland and the Netherlands. As a company, we highly prioritize constant development, investments in modern production and fish processing systems. It’s our absolute pleasure to recommend our products inspired by traditional recipes. Bon appétit!