Fish salads

Ryba po grecku_DSC3343

Greek style herrings

The taste of homey cuisine.
Delicious, fried fish fillets with carrot, celery, onion and tomato paste – just like your mum’s!

Filety sledziowe w smietanie_DSC3124

Herring fillets in cream

Fluffy cream– both seasoned and gentle.
An alternative for people fond of the traditional taste of herring in cream. We recommend its gentle but also slightly seasoned taste, thanks to pickled cucumbers. It is a traditional dish served during Christmas Eve and a nice variation for breakfast.

Sledz po dunsku_DSC3076

Danish herring salad

Inspired by European voyages.
Gentle mustard sauce with mustard seeds and cucumber combined with chunks of pickled herring fillets. The taste of seasoned mustard goes perfectly well with the taste of herring.

FIlety sledziowe po meksykansku Salsa _DSC3014

Mexican herring fillets in salsa sauce

Taste of Mexico – taste of joy.
Wonderful sweet and sour mixture with an addition of pineapple, bamboo, celery, pepper and wine vinegar. The versatile herring salsa – an ideal component for breakfast or party snacks.

FIlety sledziowe po cygansku_DSC3035

Romany style herring fillets

Very spicy, only for piquancy lovers!!!
If you feel hungry for passion and excitement, try our super spicy herring fillets and invigorate yourself in an instant. Tomato-pepper sauce with chunks of cucumber will enrapture you with its spiciness and sweetness.

The Herring Co. has been operating since 1992. Located in Wielka Nieszawka, Central Poland, 10 km from Toruń, it specialises in fish processing and trade.

The raw materials used for production are chiefly herring fillets and flaps imported from Norway. Some smaller amounts are shipped from Iceland and the Netherlands. As a company, we highly prioritize constant development, investments in modern production and fish processing systems. It’s our absolute pleasure to recommend our products inspired by traditional recipes. Bon appétit!